Proxmox VE 3.0 released
Posted on: 05/24/2013 09:40 AM

Proxmox VE 3.0 based on Debian 7.0 Wheezy has been released

Proxmox VE 3.0 released

Proxmox VE is a complete open source virtualization management solution for servers. It is based on KVM and container-virtualization and manages virtual machines, storage, virtualized networks, and HA Clustering.

The enterprise-class features and the intuitive web interface are designed to help you increase the use of your existing resources and reduce hardware cost and administrating time - in business as well as home use. You can easily virtualize even the most demanding Linux and Windows application workloads.

Change log:
Released 24.05.2013: See Downloads

pve-kernel-2.6.32 2.6.32-100
fix CVE-2013-2094
update ceph packages to 0.61.2
libpve-common-perl 3.0-4:
fix bug #381: use persistent reservation file for ports
new function PVE::Tools::next_migrate_port()
libpve-storage-perl 3.0-6
rbd : clone volume to same pool that base volume
extend storage list API with useful parameters for clone
fix iscsi session scan bug
pve-cluster 3.0-4
depend on fuse (seems most utilities moved from fuse-utils to fuse)
remove depencency on fuse-utils (this package is no longer required)
fix warning about uninitialize value
fix bug 383: restart pveproxy instead of apache2
pve-manager 3.0-20
fix login problem when http_proxy is set
updated Chinese, German and French translation
allow to upload files with spaces in filename (replace with '_')
allow to delete pools with non-existent VMs/Storage
use correct icons for templates
sort templates after regular VMs
StorageSelector: allow to use new target option, used by Clone
fix bug #385: correctly handle Accept-Encoding
fix bug #374: correctly remove destroyed container from pool
pve-qemu-kvm 1.4-12
vma create: only store basename of config file.
qemu-server 3.0-15
clone disk : keep source volume params
clone: check is we can clone to target storage
fix bug #381: use PVE::Tools::next_migrate_port()
restore: do not restore template flag
vncterm 1.1-3
re-enable javascript-events.patch (needed by migrate)
based on Debian 7.0 (Wheezy)
new VM clone feature
new event driven API server (pveproxy)
completely replace apache2
efficient support for HTTP keep-alive
support bootlogd (boot log can be viewed on the GUI)
update pve-qemu-kvm to 1.4.1
update kernel to vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab076.7.src.rpm
changed default IO Scheduler to 'deadline'
updated Intel network drivers for e1000e, igb and ixgbe
Countless bug fixes (for all details see bugtracker and GIT

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