Proposed Ubuntu 10.10 Installer Changes
Posted on: 06/14/2010 11:19 AM

OMG! Ubuntu takes a look at the proposed Ubuntu 10.10 installer changes

Proposed Ubuntu 10.10 Installer Changes

A new installation and Live CD experience is being mooted for inclusion in Ubuntu 10.10 that aims to address the complexities and inconsistencies currently inherent in the process and thus make the entire process super-quick, friendly and reassuring to new users.

Why the need?

For many users the installation is their first taste of the Ubuntu pie; leave a bad taste here and the user may never come back for a second slice. By crafting a refined and reassuring overhaul of the installation/ubiquity experience users will feel more in control, informed and confident in using Ubuntu.

As such the installer will aim to behave much more intelligently, cautiously and user-friendly. Particular attention will be paid to the partitioning process which daunts/terrifies many a new user.

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