Professional PHP4 Multimedia Programming
Posted on: 09/02/2002 04:20 AM

[url=\\"\\" target=\\"_blank\\"]Wrox[/url] has published a new PHP4 book:

Professional PHP4 Multimedia Programming will cover a broad range of information relating to some of the most popular PHP4 extension libraries, specifically the ones that can be used to create, modify or deliver multimedia content- Ming, Ming with ActionScript,GD,PDFLib and FDF.The focus multimedia libraries gives the book a common thread running through it - sort of a \\'different technologies, common theme\\' type thing.

From the Publisher
We believe that giving programmers graphical tools more often results in programmers creating things that make designers cringe, rather than programmers acquiring design sense and hence this book. The book is split into three parts: the extensions, the case studies, and the function reference -- that way someone looking to just read case studies has a definite place to start, and people looking for the descriptions without large amounts of code can read the beginning and the one\\'s who want to stick it by their side for reference, know exactly where to go.

About the Author
Devon Dell has been designing Internet applications from the time he grappled with writing Perl CGI sripts in 1996.He has since expanded to using PHP,C,Java,Tcl for Internet applications. His PHP Projects have included database design,search engines,graphic processors,network monitor interfaces with SNMP,and more. He also figured as an author on Professional PHP4 from Wrox Press.

Jan Rosa is a medical doctor(although he practises it no more).He runs a professional literature publishing house and advertising agency along with 2 partners.It is one of the three leading medicine publishing houses in the Czech Republic. Most of his time is devoted to work. He is responsible for all production/technical stuff and has created most of their Information System in PHP/MySQL/PDFLib enviroment. He loves programming and automating real-world tasks. Besides work he likes biking, swimming, skiing, good music and films.

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