Pinguy OS Makes Gnome Desktop as Good as It Gets
Posted on: 06/14/2014 07:05 AM

Linux Insider takes a look at Pinguy OS

Pinguy OS Makes Gnome Desktop as Good as It Gets

This approach may disappoint those who favor newer user interfaces, but if you consider yourself a normal computer user who does not like to tinker with settings and various desktop environment options, Pinguy OS could be a good choice.

Pinguy OS is based on Ubuntu's 12.04 LTS release. It uses the Linux Mint infrastructure for package updates. Ubuntu's Software Center and the Synaptic Package Manager serve as the systems for adding or removing software.

The Gnome desktop is the only user interface option. However, Pinguy OS's developer, Antoni Norman, has tricked it out suitably with a Docky bar combination. The quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen and a hidden Places bar on the left edge make up for the loss of icon launchers from the desktop itself, thanks to Gnome.

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