PHP 5.5 will ship with Zend Optimizer+
Posted on: 03/11/2013 01:20 PM

The Zend Optimizer+ opcache will be integrated in the next major release of PHP

From the php.internals newsgroup:
The voting period ended, and the option selected with 44 out of 70 votes was integrating Optimizer+ into PHP 5.5.0, even at the cost of a minor delay. An overwhelming majority (66 out of the 70 votes) was in favor of going with the integration in general.

We’ll work on moving the repository as soon as possible so that we can push out a new 5.5.0 package that includes it. Another couple of things we need to tackle are .ini option naming (probably “opcache.” instead of “zend_optimizerplus.”) and default status (enabled or disabled by default by default).


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