PHP 4.3.2 for Webppliance 3.1 / Pro 3.5 Servers
Posted on: 05/30/2003 10:58 AM has published PHP 4.3.2 RPMs for Ensim Webppliance 3.1 / Webppliance Pro 3.5 based servers

PHP 4.3.2 contains, among others, following important fixes, additions and improvements:

-Fixes several potentially hazardous integer and buffer overflows.
-Fixes for several 64-bit problems.
-New session_regenerate_id() function. (Important feature against malicious session planting).
-Improvements to dba extension.
-An unix man page for CLI version of PHP.
-New "disable_classes" php.ini option to allow administrators to disable certain classes for security reasons.
-And much more

These RPM's are tested against Ensim 3.1/ Pro 3.5. Under Ensim Pro changes to PHP will only allow to Low and 3.1 compatible sites.

You will need sablotron and JS rpm's from the official sablotron website (0.98<!-- -->) for XSLT support.

Installation is via rpm -Uvh otherwise.

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