Pete's Open Source Journal: Unsupported and bitter
Posted on: 02/22/2006 11:44 PM

Pete's Open Source Journal has published an editorial on ATI's Linux drivers

Yes I am bitter.

I know that is probably not the way you were expecting this column to come back, after all these months of absence. You were probably also expecting that we will cover all the latest exciting developments in the Linux 2D desktop, with Novell’s Compiz and Xgl stealing Linux aficionados’ hearts everywhere, with their slick 3D effects and smooth desktop experience. You are probably wondering why this column hasn’t been updated for such a long time. Well, the answer is very simple to that, and it will explain this rather unusual introductory paragraph. Truth is, I haven’t used Linux since November. You want to know why?

I am a Radeon X1800 user.

Pete's Open Source Journal: Unsupported and bitter

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