PCLinuxOS .92 Test 03 Available
Posted on: 11/09/2005 10:58 AM

PCLinuxOS .92 Test 03 is now available for download

Please note this is not a final release iso. Feedback and/or bug reports can be emailed to pclinuxos-dev at sbcglobal.net. (replace the at with @)

- updated unionfs to stable release which fixes some livecd problems with logout, login as well as shutdown.
- updated kusbhome and tested with guest.img on usb vfat key. You can now save your desktop settings for the guest account on a usbkey again. Alex is my new best friend for working on this after putting in some serious hard days work.
- turned off anacron, cron, atd and pcsc from livecd boot to streamline the
boot process.
- set anacron, cron, atd to start at boot on hd install via the livecd-installer
- Added informational message in the event the xserver doesn't start to help users get to the graphical desktop.
- Matched up background on kdm, ksplash and desktop.
- Changed desktop icon from pclos wiki to New User Guide
- If user clicks on delete guest account from the livecd-install , account will be set for deletion upon first boot.

Outstanding issues: wacom tablets not functioning properly with xorg.cvs, various sound cards still muted at login and need kamix or kmix to set volume, some media plugins not working 100% due to some recent changes which will require an updated mplayer when available and various sound configuration issues with usb headset.

PCLinuxOS .92 Test 03 Available

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