Pango-1.12.0 released
Posted on: 03/14/2006 08:49 AM

Pango-1.12.0 is now available for download

This is a stable release providing new functionality as compared to Pango-1.10, while maintaining source and binary compatibility. Notable improvements in Pango since version 1.10 include:

* Addition of a cairo+ATSUI backend for rendering using native fonts on MacOS X platform.

* Lots of optimizations. The PangoLayout operations should be around 30% or more faster.

* Improved robustness. Pango almost doesn't crash anymore, even in very hard conditions that fonts are missing or unusable.

* Supporting OpenType layout features for basic scripts like Latin/Greek/Cyrillic.

* Installing a simple tool called pango-view which is mostly useful for testing purposes. It is suggested that distributions include it in their devel package for the least.

86c3e08169a18200e64a0c5ee1be7fd9 pango-1.12.0.tar.bz2
3bb2dc0ec60e9673f2f7b6894b3d1caa pango-1.12.0.tar.gz


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