Posted on: 07/25/2006 06:36 AM

Orca-0.2.7 has been released

Orca is a scriptable screen reader for the GNOME desktop for people with visual impairments. Orca is being proposed for inclusion into GNOME 2.16.

* What's changed for Orca 0.2.7?

NOTE: Many thanks to our growing user base for testing and providing us with feedback. We love you all!

* Much work on hangs. It's better, but we still have work to do.
* Vastly improved work with GAIM. Also added Insert+{1,2,3,...} to
allow you to read the last n messages.
* Fix bug 348084 - fail gracefully if speech is not available.
* Handle situations where the label the label for a FILLER or PANEL is
done by placing an unbound label as the first child of the
FILLER/PANEL and the content of the FILLER/PANEL is the second
* Fix bug 348131 - make SayAll perform properly in Evolution.
* Moved the Orca specific keybindings out of the init() routine in
orca.py over to the setupInputEventHandlers and getKeyBindings()
routines in default.py.
* Reworked how Orca handles "no focus." It is much better now.
* Added new keynames for various keys.
* Fixed bug #347228 - correctly identify state of top level item in
some tree tables.
* Improved access to Evolution and StarOffice set up wizards.
* Additional work on access to the Java platform.
* Added in support for numeric keypad 8 double-clicking, which spells
the current line, and numeric keypad 5 double clicking, which spells
the current word.


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