OpenWengo 2.1 rc1
Posted on: 03/09/2007 11:51 AM

OpenWengo 2.1 rc1 has been released:

It is with great pleasure that I announce that OpenWengo 2.1 rc1 is available for download at:

OpenWengo is a project aimed toward providing the best possible communication over IP program, both easy to use and conforming to industry standards.

This release of OpenWengo is a release candidate for the first major maintenance release on the 2.x branch. It includes some major functionality not present in OpenWengo 2.0, including:

* Secure voice calls using AES 128 bit encryption - thanks to Everbeefor this free and open implementation
* The ability to configure a SIP account on any SIP server
* Massive stability enhancement on Mac and Linux - including hundreds
of bug fixes.
* Migration to the CMake build system (as used by the KDE project) is complete
* Several usability improvements make OpenWengo even nicer to use

Major functionality already present in the 2.0 release includes:

* Free computer-to-computer phone and video calls using the industry
standard SIP protocol
* Organise three-way audio conferences
* Cheap calls to fixed lines and mobile phones worldwide, including
sending SMSes, thanks to our partnership with the Wengo SIP platform
* Unify all of your instant messaging accounts in one client, and talk
to all your buddies without changing applications
* Find friends on the Wengo network through the Wengo directory
* Transfer files to Wengo contacts

Thank you to the many contributors who made this release possible!

More details about OpenWengo are available at

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