openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 3
Posted on: 07/22/2011 08:45 AM

The third openSUSE 12.1 milestone release is available

openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 3

The third milestone has a huge number of changes and improvements on top of the latest openSUSE release. And many packages have been updated or upgraded. You can check the latest package versions on this page. What are the major changes?

Firefox 5
MozillaThunderbird 5.0
aaa_base 12.1
Kernel 3.0 rc7
Python3 3.2
Sysstat 10.0.1
Tomboy 1.7.1
Tracker 0.11.0
many smaller updates to KDE and GNOME applications and desktops
Systemd needs your feedback

The team welcomes help and bugreports as we prepare for the first release of openSUSE to use systemd.

Hands on to help out easier than ever!

Your input at this early development stage is a great opportunity to collaborate in making the final release into the polished work we always prosecute for. openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 3 has a list of most annoying bugs here, please add issues you find and help fix them. As Will Stephenson has already blogged, fixing an issue is a matter of BURPing on! Find a how-to here.

So go and see for yourself what the next version of openSUSE has in store for you at our download center.

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