Openjdk-6 security update for Debian
Posted on: 09/28/2011 07:37 AM

An openjsk-6 security update has been released for Debian GNU/Linux

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Debian Security Advisory DSA-2311-1 Florian Weimer
September 27, 2011
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Package : openjdk-6
Vulnerability : several
Problem type : remote
Debian-specific: no
CVE ID : CVE-2011-0862 CVE-2011-0864 CVE-2011-0865 CVE-2011-0867 CVE-2011-0868 CVE-2011-0869 CVE-2011-0871
Debian Bug : 629852

Several vulnerabilities have been discovered in OpenJDK, an
implementation of the Java SE platform. The Common Vulnerabilities
and Exposures project identifies the following problems:

Integer overflow errors in the JPEG and font parser allow
untrusted code (including applets) to elevate its privileges.

Hotspot, the just-in-time compiler in OpenJDK, mishandled
certain byte code instructions, allowing untrusted code
(including applets) to crash the virtual machine.

A race condition in signed object deserialization could
allow untrusted code to modify signed content, apparently
leaving its signature intact.

Untrusted code (including applets) could access information
about network interfaces which was not intended to be public.
(Note that the interface MAC address is still available to
untrusted code.)

A float-to-long conversion could overflow, , allowing
untrusted code (including applets) to crash the virtual

Untrusted code (including applets) could intercept HTTP
requests by reconfiguring proxy settings through a SOAP

Untrusted code (including applets) could elevate its
privileges through the Swing MediaTracker code.

In addition, this update removes support for the Zero/Shark and Cacao
Hotspot variants from the i386 and amd64 due to stability issues.
These Hotspot variants are included in the openjdk-6-jre-zero and
icedtea-6-jre-cacao packages, and these packages must be removed
during this update.

For the oldstable distribution (lenny), these problems will be fixed
in a separate DSA for technical reasons.

For the stable distribution (squeeze), these problems have been fixed
in version 6b18-1.8.9-0.1~squeeze1.

For the testing distribution (wheezy) and the unstable distribution
(sid(, these problems have been fixed in version 6b18-1.8.9-0.1.

We recommend that you upgrade your OpenJDK packages.

Further information about Debian Security Advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at:

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