Open Source Web Services Book
Posted on: 08/03/2002 07:12 AM

I just received a press release about a new open source web service book from Wrox:

Professional Open Source Web Services Book Published

Web Services is a new paradigm and probably one of the most discussed subjects amongst the IT solution providers. It is a simple concept that enables grand integration of various blocks of existing web infrastructure. It uses XML based messaging standards like SOAP, WSDL, UDDI which will provide solutions to the industry for many more years.

Open Source products like Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP are popular robust parts of web infrastructure.

The rising need of SOAP based web services has prompted the development of libraries for various open source languages in line with some industry efforts around .NET and J2EE framework.

What does this book cover?
- A comprehensive discussion of Web Services Architecture and chemistry behind it.
- XML based messaging standards like XML-RPC, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI and their details.
- SOAP implementations in various languages like Perl, Java, PHP, C++, Ruby and Python with real world examples.
- In depth coverage of Web Services using Apache AXIS and SOAP::Lite.
- Case study of designing web services from legacy application.
- Enabling Web Services in java applets and devices using Open Source product kSOAP.
- A complete chapter on Web Services security considerations and developing secure web services since E-Commerce relies heavily upon security.

The book is organized to provide separate coverage on theoratical and practical aspects of Web Services blended with Open Source products.



Christopher Brown:
Christopher is a consultant with Sabre Inc., in the Human Resources and Payroll Systems organization supporting these systems for AMR (American Airlines). He has been involved since 1996 with conversions at AMR to use SAP R/3 for financial accounting and for HR and payroll systems. He was previously a Systems Engineer with SHL Systemhouse (now EDS) in their SAP R/3 practice. He is also the treasurer of the North Texas Linux Users Group (NTLUG).

Chris holds a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo, Joint Honors Co-op Chartered Accountancy and Computer Science, and a Master of Science degree in Systems Science from the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Vivek Chopra:
Vivek Chopra has several years of experience in software design and development including web services, using HP Web Services platform. He works for Insight Solutions Inc. at Cupertino, California, as senior software engineer. His previous areas of experience and interest includes compilers, middleware, clustering and GNU/Linux.

Besides work, he enjoys burning food on his barbecue and tries to avoid roller-blading for reasons that he does not wish to go into.

Vivek holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Master's in Computer Science, both from Pune University, India. He can be reached at

Dietrich Ayala:
Dietrich Ayala has spent the past four years designing and developing web applications. He feels fulfilled when programming with PHP and XML.

Dietrich currently works for NuSphere Corporation developing Web services
tools for PHP developers. He holds certifications in E-commerce programming and XML technologies from the University of Washington. Dietrich's other interests include hiking through swamps, juggling sharp objects, and finding other fun things to do with his partner and daughter, who happen to be the coolest people in the whole world.

Dr. P.G. Sarang:
A contractor to Sun Microsystems, Dr. Sarang trains Sun’s corporate clients on various courses from Sun’s official curriculum. He also conducts the “Train The Trainers” program and “Instructor Authorization Tests” on behalf of Sun.

As CEO of ABCOM Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Sarang specializes in training and project development on the Java / CORBA platform. With almost 20 years of industry experience, Dr. Sarang has developed a number of products and successfully completed various industry projects. He is a regular speaker in many national and international conferences and regularly contributes technical articles to international journals and magazines. His current interests include .NET platform and C#.

1. Web Services, an Introduction
2. Web Services Architecture
3. Exploring SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
4. Apache and SOAP
5. Web Services Security
6. Perl and SOAP::Lite
7. Python and web services
8. PHP and web services
9. Web Services using c++
10. Other SOAP implementations
11. Case study: Designing Webservice from legacy modules

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