Posted on: 03/08/2005 07:19 AM build:

This package contains Desktop integration work for, several back-ported features speedups, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground for up-streaming patches to stock OO.o.

Changes in this release:


+ bug fixes
+ huge amount of backported CWS (Michael)
+ various crash fixes (Michael, Raul)
+ wizard evo fix (Jaynt)
+ fpicker fixes (Raul, Kendy)
+ menu highlighting, check mark color, toolbar toggle buttons (Martin)
+ oofromtemplate fix to work (Michael)
+ more support for Oasis MIME types (Shreyas, Petr)
+ default multimedia menuitem out (Jayant)
+ unused printer properties out (Raul)
+ no larger default writer bullet (Raul)
+ email attachment (Jayant)
+ VFS authentication problems (Michael)
+ save only modified documents (Jayant)
+ build bits
+ build with C# named dirs, missing includes (Chris)
+ installation on Debian (Chris)
+ do not build odk (Michael)
+ more system libs for SUSE Linux (Petr)
+ do not pack standart libs (Rene, Petr)
+ KDE only build (Bernhard)
+ preparing for m80 target (Bernhard)
+ ooinstall install dictionaries (Petr)
+ documentation
+ changelog split (Michael)
+ back-porting related docu (Michael)
+ input methods (Martin)
+ misc
+ speed for reliability with valgrind (Michael)
+ tool to help extracting CWS (Michael)
+ features
+ upgrade libwpd, version 0.8.0 (Rene)
+ new custom images, version 11 (Michael)

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