Posted on: 02/04/2005 04:09 PM build 1.9.74 has been released

This package contains Desktop integration work for, several back-ported features speedups, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground for up-streaming patches to stock OO.o.

Changes in this release:

+ bug fixes
+ QPro infinite loop fix (Shilpa)
+ RGB/BGR swap (Michael)
+ center icons when up-sizing (Michael)
+ fix gcc visibility support (Martin)
+ sfx2 code update (Michael)
+ excessive vertical toolbar bloat (Michael)
+ internal libcurl installation (Petr)
+ 64bit fixes (Jan, Bernhard)
+ build fixes
+ bin obsolete postinstall scripts (Michael)
+ gcc34 build fix (Michael)
+ some build fixes, mostly qt and gcc34 related (Bernhard)
+ desktop build fix (Michael)
+ new NOCONFIGURE check to
+ allow to install non-complete localizations (Petr)
+ fix support to install help (Petr)
+ better detect mozilla headers (Bernhard)
+ improved, converted openintro and openabout pictures (Michael)
+ support for distro specific configure options (Bernhard)
+ do not depend on evolution-data-servet at buildtime (Jaynt, Michael)
+ misc
+ sample QPro files (Shilpa)
+ QPro detect code cleaning (Michael)
+ update documentation (Michael, Petr)
+ features
+ target m74 (Michael)
+ better versioning in Help->About dialog (Michael)
+ new KDE NWF toolbars and menus (Jan)
+ E-mail attachment file name append with "_1" (Jaynt)


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