Posted on: 01/28/2005 03:39 PM build 1.3.8 has been released

This package contains Desktop integration work for, several back-ported features speedups, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground for up-streaming patches to stock OO.o.

Changes in this release:
+ bug fixes
+ gtk+ bits
+ RTL rendering fix (Raul)
+ XIM fixes (Michael)
+ multi-file-select (Caolan)
+ vfs/uno registration (Dan)
+ menubar backgrounds fix (Dan)
+ build fixes
+ new distro config setup (Dan)
+ better language mappings (Rene, Dan)
+ .desktop install fixes (Dan)
+ rpath fixes (Dan)
+ use dmake 4.3 (Rene)
+ misc (Chris, Raul, Dan)
+ misc
+ splash window title fix (Dan)
+ calc column unhiding (Dan)
+ recent-files fixes (Dan)
+ font encoding fixes (Dan)
+ padmin i18n fix (Dan)
+ indic/bengali font/i18n work (Dan)
+ font substitution fixes (Dan)
+ xls interop fix (Dan)
+ misc. crashers (Dan)
+ dlopen right libGL (Rene)
+ fix basic/xinerama issues (Bero)
+ features
+ Send E-mail in MS format (Jayant)
+ ctrl/shift multi-select slides (Raul)
+ Quattro Pro 6 import filter (Shilpa)
+ gcc 3.4 support (Guiseppe, Hanno Meyer-Thurow, Bero)
+ target up-stream 1.1.4 (Bero, Shreyas)
+ Mandrake support (Guiseppe)
+ splash
+ PDF pseudo printers
+ italian fixes


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