O&O Defrag Linux BETA 1.0
Posted on: 03/02/2003 01:43 AM

OO Defrag BETA 1.0 for Linux has been released

Features of OO Defrag Linux V1.0

- Analysis/defragmentation of EXT2 and EXT3 drive partitions, the standard Linux file systems
- Analysis/defragmentation of individual files
- Analysis/defragmentation of individual partitions
- Secure defragmentation with the unique "Security Mode". This enables you to repair an inconsistent file system when OO Defrag Linux has been abnormally ended (e.g. by a power cut).
- Various defragmentation methods: Normal defragmentation or SPACE - defragmentation
- The static version of OO Defrag Linux can be started from a floppy disk (1,44 MB). In this way it is possible to optimize the root partition of the system with the help of a a start floppy or CD in combination with OO Defrag Linux.

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