NVIDIA Linux x64 Display Driver 361.45.11
Posted on: 05/25/2016 08:05 AM

NVIDIA has released a new display driver for Linux

NVIDIA Linux x64 Display Driver 361.45.11


Added support for the following GPUs:
Quadro M5500
Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented flipping from being enabled on systems with multiple displays.
Fixed a bug that could cause applications to crash when using the EGL_EXT_platform_device extension on a system with multiple GPUs.
Fixed a bug that could cause nvidia-installer's runtime loader test to fail spuriously on some systems.
The NVIDIA Unified Virtual Memory kernel module, nvidia-uvm.ko, now has a minimum kernel requirement of Linux 2.6.32. On older kernel versions, nvidia-uvm.ko will be compiled as a stub kernel module which does not provide any functionality.
Updated the libglvnd snapshot included in the NVIDIA driver package to libglvnd commit b7d75429677eecc00c3701aaa4deac1304bc51ff. This contains a new revision of the libglvnd ABI. The driver is not compatible with a libglvnd older than commit c5bcda3b848fe52d6ae6ef25c917431c06d62d27.

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