nVidia Linux Display Drivers 1.0-6111
Posted on: 08/06/2004 05:49 AM

nVidia has posted new display drivers for Linux

Version: 1.0-6111
Release Date: August 5, 2004

Release Highlights

* Fixed SoftImage certification issues.
* Made the "Do you really want to quit?" dialog in nvidia-settings optional (via the nvidia-settings Configuration page).
* Fixed problem that prevented multiple simultaneous X servers from running on TNT/TNT2.
* Fixed problem that caused TV-Out modes other than 640x480 and 800x600 to be unavailable.
* Fixed problem that caused cursor misplacement/corruption in certain TwinView configurations.
* Fixed problem that caused some AGP kernel module options to be ignored.
* Fixed problem in GLSL with shadow2DProj.
* Fixed console restore problems on GeForce4 Ti.

Download for 32bit
Download for 64bit

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