nVidia Linux Display Driver 169.04
Posted on: 11/19/2007 11:34 AM

nVidia has released a new display driver for Linux

Release Highlights

Added support for GeForce 8800 GT.
Improved modesetting support on Quadro/GeForce 8 series GPUs.
Fixed stability problems with some GeForce 8 series GPUs.
Fixed stability problems with some GeForce 6200/7200/7300 GPUs multi-core/SMP systems.
Improved hotkey switching support for some Lenovo notebooks.
Fixed a problem with Compiz after VT-switching.
Improved RENDER performance.
Improved interaction with Barco and Chi Mei 56" DFPs, as well as with some Gateway 19" DFPs.
Added an interface to monitor PowerMizer state information.
Fixed rendering corruption in Maya's Graph Editor.
Improved interaction between SLI AFR and swap groups on certain Quadro FX GPUs.
Fixed a bug that caused corruption with redirected XV on GPUs without TurboCache support.
Improved display device detection on GeForce 8 series GPUs.
Improved usability of NVIDIA-settings at lower resolutions like 1024x768 and 800x600.
Improved GLX visual consolidation when using Xinerama with Quadro/GeForce 8 series and older GPUs.
Added experimental support for running the X server at Depth 30 (10 bits per component) on Quadro G8x and later GPUs.
Worked around a Linux kernel/toolchain bug that caused soft lockup errors when suspending on some Intel systems.

nVidia Linux Display Driver 169.04

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