NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN: Windows 8.1 vs. Ubuntu 13.10
Posted on: 11/26/2013 10:13 AM

Phoronix posted a benchmarks of the GeForce GTX TITAN

NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN: Windows 8.1 vs. Ubuntu 13.10

[quo9te]Last week on Phoronix there was the first Linux review of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti that also included results from other GeForce GTX 700 GPUs -- including the TITAN -- and earlier Kepler and Fermi GPUs while on the AMD side was a range of Radeon graphics card up to and including the AMD Radeon R9 290. For today's Linux review to kick off a new week of benchmarking is a closer look at the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN when running Ubuntu Linux and comparing the OpenGL performance to Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro x64.

The GeForce GTX TITAN launched this past February as the first GeForce 700 series graphics card powered by the GK110 GPU that went on to power the GTX 780 series. Nine months after the launch, the GTX TITAN is still commanding a $999 USD price-tag, but that will get you a graphics card with 6GB of GDDR5 video memory on a 384-bit bus, the GK110 core is running at 837MHz with a 876MHz Boost frequency, and there's 2688 CUDA Cores. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN boasts approximately 4800 GFLOPS of single-precision power and 1500 GFLOPS of double precision compute power; the double-precision performance is much greater than any of the other GeForce 700 series graphics processors.

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