NVIDIA 378.13 Linux Display Drivers released
Posted on: 02/15/2017 09:06 AM

NVIDIA has released new 378.13 Linux Display Drivers

NVIDIA 378.13 Linux Display Drivers released

Added support for the following GPU(s):
Quadro P3000
Quadro GP100
Quadro P4000
Quadro P2000
Quadro P1000
Quadro P600
Quadro P400
Quadro M1200
Quadro M2200
Disabled OpenGL threaded optimizations by default under Xinerama.
Added support for the ARB_parallel_shader_compile extension to allow multi-threaded compilation of GLSL shaders.
Updated the X driver to ignore any Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). See the "AllowHMD" X configuration option in the README for details.
The driver will now advertise GLX FBConfigs with no depth bits on depth 30 X screens.
Added support in nvidia-settings to view configured PRIME displays. To enable PRIME displays, see "Offloading Graphics Display with RandR 1.4" in the README.
Added infrastructure which enables the NVIDIA EGL driver to load EGL external platform libraries that add client-side support for new window systems, beyond the existing libnvidia-egl-wayland.so.1. For more details, see:
- https://github.com/NVIDIA/eglexternalplatform
- https://github.com/NVIDIA/egl-wayland
Added support for the following Vulkan extensions:
Enabled OpenGL threaded optimizations by default in the driver. Refer to the "Threaded Optimizations" section in the "Specifying OpenGL Environment Variable Settings" chapter of the README for details. These optimizations will self-disable when they are degrading performance. As a result, performance should be unchanged for many applications, and increased for those that benefit from threaded optimizations and were not already forcing them enabled.
Fixed a bug that prevented PRIME Sync from working on notebooks with GeForce GTX 4xx and 5xx series GPUs.
Fixed a bug that caused system hangs when resuming from suspend with some GPUs.
Fixed a regression that could cause corruption when hot-plugging displays.
Fixed a regression that prevented systems with multiple DisplayPort monitors from resuming correctly from suspend.
Added support for the screen_info.ext_lfb_base field, on kernels that have it, in order to properly handle UEFI framebuffer consoles with physical addresses above 4GB.
Added support for X.Org xserver ABI 23 (xorg-server 1.19)
Fixed a bug that allowed nvidia-installer to attempt loading kernel modules that were built against non-running kernels.

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