Nvidia 375.10 Linux Display Driver
Posted on: 10/22/2016 07:26 AM

Nvidia has released new 375.10 Linux drivers

Nvidia 375.10 Linux Display Driver

Added support for the following GPUs:
Quadro P6000
Quadro P5000
GeForce GTX 1050
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Added new X configuration options:
which override the MetaMode tokens with the same names.
Fixed a bug that caused issues with panning and cursor constraining when mixing PRIME-driven displays with natively driven displays.
Fixed a bug that caused long delays when leaving the VT or disabling a display device while an OpenGL application is running.
Improved console restore behavior on systems that use the UEFI Graphics Output Protocol, and most vesafb modes.
Added support for the RandR TILE property added in RandR 1.5.
Fixed a bug that prevented nvidia-bug-report.sh from finding relevant messages in kernel log files.
Fixed a bug that allowed nvidia-installer to attempt loading kernel modules that were built against non-running kernels.

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