nss_ldap & perl-MailTools Update for Mandrake
Posted on: 11/08/2002 11:56 AM

MandrakeSoft has released security updates for nss_ldap and perl-MailTools


A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in nss_ldap versions prior to 198. When nss_ldap is configured without a value for the "host" keyword, it attempts to configure itself using SRV records stored in DNS. nss_ldap does not check that the data returned by the DNS query will fit into an internal buffer, thus exposing it to an overflow.

A similar issue exists in versions of nss_ldap prior to 199 where nss_ldap does not check that the data returned by the DNS query has not been truncated by the resolver libraries to avoid a buffer overflow. This can make nss_ldap attempt to parse more data than what is actually available, making it vulnerable to a read buffer overflow.

Finally, a format string bug in the logging function of pam_ldap prior to version 144 exist.

All users are recommended to upgrade to these updated packages. Note that the nss_ldap packages for 7.2, 8.0, and Single Network Firewall 7.2 contain the pam_ldap modules.

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A vulnerability was discovered in Mail::Mailer perl module by the SuSE security team during an audit. The vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands in certain circumstances due to the usage of mailx as the default mailer, a program that allows commands to be embedded in the mail body.

This module is used by some auto-response programs and spam filters which make use of Mail::Mailer.

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