Nginx 1.2.2 for Debian
Posted on: 07/04/2012 07:38 AM

Dotdeb has released Nginx 1.2.2 packages for Debian 6.0

Nginx 1.2.2 for Debian

Dotdeb’s packages of Nginx 1.2.2 are now available for Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” (amd64/i386). They fix 11 bugs, enhance IPv6, and introduce weighted ip_hash and least_conn load-balancing to upstream servers. Please take a look at Nginx’ official Changelog before upgrading.

Please also note that :

Naxsi has been upgraded to the 0.47 version, and the new nginx-naxsi-ui package provides the autolearning daemon and the web user interface.
Nginx Cache Purge has been upgraded to the 1.6 version.
Passenger has been upgraded to the 3.0.13 version.

As usual, if you want to know which module has been included in each Nginx flavor, you just have to look at this document.

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