Nginx 1.1.5 for CentOS 5/CentOS 6
Posted on: 10/06/2011 12:17 PM

CentALT has released Nginx 1.1.5 packages for CentOS 5 and 6

Change log:

*) Feature: the uwsgi_buffering and scgi_buffering.
Thanks to Peter Smit.

*) Feature: proxy_cache_bypass could be cached non-cacheable responses.
Thanks John Ferlito.

*) Bugfix: in the module ngx_http_proxy_module when working with a backend for HTTP/1.1.

*) Bugfix: cached responses with an empty body back correctly, the bug had appeared in 0.8.31.

*) Bugfix: the responses with code 201 the ngx_http_dav_module were incorrect, an error appeared in 0.8.32.

*) Feature: the directive return.

*) Bugfix: if directive "ssl_session_cache builtin" came segmentation fault; bug appeared in 1.1.1.

Download for CentOS 5
Download for CentOS 6

or over the CentALT Repository:

For i386:
rpm -ihv

For x86_64:
rpm -ihv

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