New Unreal Tournament 2003 Game CD
Posted on: 04/14/2003 06:46 PM

An updated Gentoo Unreal Tournament 2003 Live CD has been released

This CD allows you to run the Unreal Tournament 2003 demo directly from CD, with no installation required. Just boot your computer from the CD and play! The latest CD includes a highly-optimized gaming kernel, which significantly improves overall gameplay. Other improvements include the latest NVIDIA drivers (1.0.4349) with GeForce FX support, preliminary bootsplash support, full autodetection of all hardware and countless other enhancements. This GameCD does require a modern NVIDIA graphics card to run the ut2003-demo.

You can also run the latest demo on your existing Gentoo Linux system provided you have a modern NVIDIA graphics card. Just type emerge ut2003-demo and then type ut2003-demo to start the game. The use of the gaming-sources kernel is recommended for optimum gaming performance and responsiveness.


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