Posted on: 01/04/2007 10:53 PM

new-stuff-manager is a program that runs in the background and and downloads /installs plugins. It can be used by any application through its D-Bus interface.

Everything else you might want to know is available at

* Re-written in C#
* The author element will now be stored directly in an serializable dictionary
* Changed directory structure. new-stuff-manager sources moved to src/
* Added: Create $(datadir)/new-stuff-manager/specs on install
* Removed cachedir variable, changed the way how directories are expanded and added configuration summary
* Supplying a a plugin id that isn't in the repository doesn't throw an exception anymore. Instead, it's just ignored
* Installation is aborted, if checksum or signature is invalid
* Added API documentation

Download it at

P.S.: To see new-stuff-manager in action download to patch Deskbar-Applet

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