New Spyware on Android Devices Identified
Posted on: 03/01/2011 09:55 AM

NetQin reports that two new spyware programs SW.SecurePhone and SW.Qieting are targeting Android devices

New Spyware on Android Devices Identified

To stay safe, NetQin suggests users follow the tips below when using the phone:
1) Download applications from trusted sources and do check reviews, ratings and developer information before downloading.
2) Never blindly accept application requests. Closely monitor permissions requested by any application; an application should not request to do more than what it offers in its official list of features;
3) Be on alert for unusual fee deduction, as this may be a sign that your phone is infected.
4) Install a trusted security application to protect your phone from security threats. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus is protecting millions of users from mobile threats with its features of anti-virus, real-time protection, etc.

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