New Security Updates for Debian
Posted on: 11/07/2002 12:38 PM

Two new security updates for Debian GNU/Linux are available:

DSA-188-1 apache-ssl -- several

According to David Wagner, iDEFENSE and the Apache HTTP Server Project, several vulnerabilities have been found in the Apache package, a commonly used webserver. Most of the code is shared between the Apache and Apache-SSL packages, so vulnerabilities are shared as well. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to enact a denial of service against a server or execute a cross scripting attack, or steal cookies from other web site users. Vulnerabilities in the included lecacy programs htdigest, htpasswd and ApacheBench can be exploited when called via CGI. Additionally the insecure temporary file creation in htdigest and htpasswd can also be exploited locally.

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DSA-189-1 luxman -- local root exploit

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