New Maui Patch Improves Integration & Compatibility
Posted on: 02/14/2006 11:23 PM

Maui 3.4.6p14 has been released:

SPANISH FORK, UT – Cluster Resources this month announced the release of Maui 3.4.6p14 the advanced open source cluster scheduler. Maui is a highly configurable tool capable of supporting an array of scheduling policies, dynamic priorities, extensive reservations and fairshare capabilities. The new patch includes several contributions made by the user community.

New features include:

- Integrated with latest MCom library
- Added support for S3 node features, opaque attributes, multi-req task groups
- Added support for TORQUE/PBS disk space reporting (Poland)
- Added support for per/task disk consumption in TORQUE/PBS (Poland)

Cluster Resources wishes to thank all who contribute to making Maui a better open source solution. To download the latest version of Maui, visit To learn about purchasing support for Maui, go to

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