New kipi-plugins 0.1.3 rc1
Posted on: 12/29/2006 11:47 AM

After about a month we're proud to announce kipi-plugins 0.1.3 rc1 is out.

If we have no bad feed backs, the final could be released in the second half of January.

You can get it as usual

Kipi-plugins NEW FEATURES

Slideshow : Show image comments (configurable)

Kipi-plugins BUG FIXING from B.K.O (

001 ==gt; 138410 : General : kipi-plugins-0.1.3-beta1 requires latest libkipi/libkexif.
002 ==gt; 106133 : Slideshow : Show image comments in slideshow mode.
003 ==gt; 124057 : SendImages : Problems sending jpeg-pictures from digiKam using the "send picture"-feature.
004 ==gt; 108147 : Slideshow : Interval below 1 second.

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