NAP TurboNAS TS-469U-RP NAS Server Review and more
Posted on: 03/17/2013 11:49 AM

Here a roundup of today's reviews, including QNAP TurboNAS TS-469U-RP NAS Server Review, FUNC MS-3 Laser Gaming Mouse Review, ASUS ROG Rampage IV GENE Motherboard Review, Gigabyte Z77X-UD4H Motherboard @ Funky Kit, and Corsair Hydro H110 280mm AiO CPU Cooler Review

QNAP TurboNAS TS-469U-RP NAS Server Review @ NikKTech
During the last 3 years we've witnessed the introduction of quite a few new companies focused in the design and manufacture of NAS (network attached storage) devices, mostly entry level ones aimed at home users but in some cases mid-end ones for small business users and even high-end ones for large enterprises. Competition is always a good thing in the market since through that prices tend to take hit all the time while in the process build quality tends to improve. Still when you are about to spend your hard earned money (whether we are talking about home, small business and even enterprise users) to purchase something you simply want the best and at least to date QNAP has proven time and again not only that they are by far the most reliable NAS manufacturer in the market currently but also that their solutions can outperform with relative ease their counterparts. So today with us we have their latest 4-Bay TurboNAS TS-469U-RP Rackmount NAS server which due to its size, specifications and design is naturally aimed towards small business IT environments.

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Gigabyte P2742G Review @ Hexus
Gigabyte might have jumped on the Ultrabook bandwagon but the Taiwanese outfit's bread and butter remains high-performance components aimed at the ever-present gaming crowd.

And though the industry as a whole appears to be moving toward thinner, lighter and smaller computing solutions, there are plenty of consumers who're unwilling to sacrifice overall performance for the sake of mobility. The challenge for manufacturers such as Gigabyte is to strike the right balance between power and portability, and going by specification alone, it's hitting many of the right notes with the new P2742G.

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StarCraft II Heart Of The Swarm Review (PC) @ KitGuru
This week Blizzard released their much awaited sequel to StarCraft II. The Heart Of The Swarm puts the player in control of the Zerg horde as Sarah Kerrigan takes the forces on a rampage across space and time. Her love for Jim Raynor sets the tone for this game, which I am happy to say is bloody marvelous.

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FUNC MS-3 Laser Gaming Mouse Review @ TweakTown
I am going to be really honest with you here. Up until this past January while I was at CES, I had never heard of FUNC, or even had an inclination that they even existed. In a meeting I had this year it was brought to my attention that someone wanted to buy them out and had done so, and was planning to release some new peripherals into the market. Looking over to their web page, I sort of figured out why I hadn't really been aware of FUNC. Even though they had established the company in 1999, it seems that they had a short run of four products from 2000 to 2005, and nothing from them since. Back then they were into providing mouse surfaces for people who knew that the desk top was not the best solution for a mouse to track on. They also offered Liquid, which was a product you applied to mice feet or any hard surfaced pad. It seems like they were on track, just maybe a bit ahead of their time.

Now with new owners and a good financial backing, FUNC can once again lift itself from the ashes of yesteryear, and try to breathe new life into the company. With this fresh start comes some new products, and we get to take a look at two of the three current offerings. One of which is an Avago ADNS 9500 laser sensor based mouse that comes equipped with Omron switches. The second product we get to see is a mouse pad that is a hard surface, and is reversible to offer a variety of textures to use, fitting your specific needs. We'll see if this pair can keep up with the flood of contenders that we have seen up to now. I really can't see a rehash of old tech making it in this market

As you continue reading, we will be looking at the FUNC MS-3 gaming mouse and the Surface 1030 L mouse pad. As I said, there is the second best in the line of laser sensors and quality switches with the mouse, but there are plenty of things that also come with the MS-3. Things like full support for your whole hand, customizable LED lighting and intuitive software. The Surface on the other hand is of course more basic in what it offers, but don't let that fool you, there still are a few things that would sway you to buy this over any other foam solution on the market.

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ASUS ROG Rampage IV GENE Motherboard Review @ Tech Kings
ASUS' Republic of Gamers (ROG) series of products has been designed, built, and marketed from the ground-up to stand out from the crowd. The aggressive red and black color scheme screams attention to detail and creates a notion that the ROG lineup isn't a product to get lost in the crowd. The ROG lineup is meant to cater to a higher tier of enthusiasts with products in the lineup for the small form factor gamer (Gene), the gaming enthusiast (Formula), and the hardcore overclocker (Extreme). ASUS has selectively chosen the genetics (pun intended) for the Rampage IV Gene so that it will earn the title as the "Super Badass mATX King," a small motherboard which will reign supreme(FXIII). With the lame puns out of my system (for now), let's dig in!

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Gigabyte Z77X-UD4H Motherboard @ Funky Kit
At the launch of the Ivy Bridge chips Gigabyte sent us a Z77X-UD3H that offered a fantastic bang for the buck. It has been a few months since then and they have refined their Z77 boards a bit since then, as a result they have sent us the Z77X-UD4H motherboard.

Over the course of the review we will see if any big improvements have been made or if Gigabyte has simply released another solid board.

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Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review @ ChipLoco
Razer is famous for its exceptional gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, headsets, gamepads.Since last year; they have also started making gaming laptops and tablets. Recently, Razer launched its new flagship mouse known as the Razer Ouroboros. Razer claims to have spent three years in designing this mouse and they believe to have made something splendid and ahead of its time. Razer Boomslang, Razer Mamba and Razer Diamondback were surely a hit at the time of their launch, and now they are looking to lead again with the Ouroboros.

Unlike most products, the Ouroboros was initially launched into the retail channel and then it was given to the reviewers. Razer has utilized a design with enables them to make most of the parts of the mouse moveable. With the help of leading ergonomic scientists and precision engineers, Razer has created an advanced mouse capable of conforming itself to user’s personal hand size and grip type. Ouroboros refers to a circular symbol of a snake devouring its tail thus standing for infinity. Razer Ouroboros’ tagline “Hold infinity in the palm of your hands” goes well with the literal meaning of Ouroboros.

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Corsair Hydro H110 280mm AiO CPU Cooler Review @ Proclockers
When it comes to the popularity AiO water-cooling kits many give us of give most of the credit to Corsair. Granted they were not the first to bring them to market but where the one to make them a household name (geekly speaking). When the H50 hit the scene it was like the start of a new revolution even though CoolIt and Asetek offer models first.

Now in 2013, we have moved on from the H50 with a remake of the model as well as many other models to survive from Corsair. The last big splash from them was not too long ago with the introduction of the H100i. The H100i is a dual 120mm unit sporting some new gear and better performance over its brother the H100, which we loved.

Corsair's next step was to combat the NZXT Kraken which was the first to bring an AiO based on 140mm fans and mounting. The H110 just like the Kraken uses larger 140mm fans on a 280mm radiator to help with the dissipation of heat made by the CPU. We are going to take a look at the H110 and see if it can top what we saw in the Kraken.

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