MySQL 5.6.17 for Wheezy
Posted on: 04/02/2014 07:54 AM has released MySQL 5.6.17 packages for Debian 7

MySQL 5.6.17 for Wheezy

After months of work in (slow) progress, I’m glad to announce that packages of MySQL 5.6.17 are now available for Debian 7.4 “Wheezy” on both amd64 and i386 architectures.

This is our first major release of the MySQL 5.6 branch, so be very careful when upgrading your boxes : backup your data first, keep a spare/delayed MySQL slave… And be sure to know in details what’s new in MySQL 5.6 :

A better Optimizer
InnoDB great new features : online DDL, split kernel mutex, multi-threaded purge, separate flush thread
New NoSQL-style memcached APIs
Partitioning improvements for querying and managing huge tables
Replication now supports multi-threaded slaves, GTID and checksums
More data is available through the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.

Of course, feedbacks are welcome, as usual.

By the way, sorry for that delay. Among other reasons, I had to deal with the Oracle/MariaDB/Percona – and now WebscaleSQL – dilemma. It’s still not concluded, since MariaDB is now well integrated in Debian Sid and that its 10.x has been declared as GA a few days ago. Stay tuned, some more announcement might be made in the next few weeks on the Dotdeb side.

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