Mutter released
Posted on: 09/15/2011 08:10 AM

Mutter has been released

This release contains a couple of fixes for major drawing and performance,
and also contains a patch from Alex Larsson that improves how
monitor hotplug works when attaching a monitor on the left of the current

(There was no 3.1.91 - this is numbered to keep the version in sync
with GNOME releases and GNOME Shell)

About Mutter

Mutter is a window and compositing manager that displays and manages
your desktop via OpenGL. Mutter combines a sophisticated display
engine using the Clutter toolkit with solid window-management logic
inherited from the Metacity window manager.

While Mutter can be used stand-alone, it is primarily intended to be
used as the display core of a larger system such as GNOME Shell. For
this reason, Mutter is very extensible via plugins, which are used
both to add fancy visual effects and to rework the window management
behaviors to meet the needs of the environment.


* Fix problem where certain application updates would get lost [#657071, Owen]
* Fix a problem where after resuming from the screensaver, things got
slow [#658228, Jasper, Adel]
* When a monitor is plugged or unplugged, keep existing windows on their
current monitor [#645408, Alex]
* Remove 'Mutter' title from alerts such as
"The widow '%s' is not responding" [Matthias]
* Remove pointless warning:
Received a _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE message for %s; these
messages lack timestamps and therefore suck.
* Misc bug fixes [Jasper]
* Build fixes [Javier]

Matthias Clasen, Adel Gadllah, Javier Jardón, Alex Larsson, Rui Matos,
Jasper St. Pierre, Owen Taylor

Ihar Hrachyshka [be], Bruce Cowan [en_FB], Daniel Mustieles [es],
Claude Paroz [fr], Andika Triwidada [id], Luca Ferretti [it],
Rudolfs Mazurs [lt], Piotr DrÄ…g [pl], Duarte Loreto [pt],
Matej Urbančič [sl], Tirumurti Vasudevan [ta], Chao-Hsiung Liao [zh_KH, TW]

======== (1.57M)
sha256sum: ea665ba523d2b62f8cdfb1b0285c7672ac395774af3cb059bfd39bed8cb71d31 (1.93M)
sha256sum: 39eb58b430dc0f396e44a8691f465d89ef8e03ab5ed5fdac61c106a04084117c

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