Mozilla: "Firefox OS is a huge and scary step"
Posted on: 08/13/2012 08:44 AM

DerStandard published an interview with Dave Mason, Product Manager for the Web Platform at Mozilla

Mozilla: "Firefox OS is a huge and scary step" After years of constant growth current market trends show a slight downwards trend for Firefox, did Google outpace you with Chrome?

Dave Mason: Let's talk about those numbers first of all. The thing that is actually never shown is how the internet is still growing as a whole, as it reaches areas of the world where it wasn't available before. Plus we have phone usage, so those are all new installations (or even new users). So yes: If you look at the market shares we seem to be losing, but the number of Firefox users still continues to grow. What are the key selling points for Firefox in comparison to other browsers? Why should someone make the switch from Chrome or IE?

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