Morphix 0.4-1
Posted on: 09/24/2003 03:03 AM

Morphix 0.4-1 has been released

New LightGUI, KDE, Game and Gnome combined iso's have been uploaded. What are the biggest changes? Well, after the recent poll I've renamed Morphix HeavyGUI to Morphix Gnome, and it has Gnome 2.4 together with a host of updates. Gnome and KDE themes have been changed, improved installer, LUFS has been added, the list goes on and on. Also, I've made an OOo minimodule people could use together with mainmodules without it.

Partitionmorpher, IsomorphGUI and MCP havn't been included yet, but hoping to have some packages for users to play with soon. If you can't wait hit the CVS, do backup your data if you want to play around with PM.

Also, with the announcement of an Arabic version, the rise of Hindi IndLinux's popularity and releases of Aquamorph and others, I've opened a forum on Community Morph's for questions people might have. As I don't know much about them and some don't have their own forum's or mailinglists yet, this might be a good temprorary solution for aspiring morphers.

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