Metacity 2.15.34
Posted on: 08/21/2006 05:10 PM

Metacity 2.15.34 has been released

Metacity is a simple window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2.

* What's changed ?

Thanks to Stephane Rosi, Vytautus Liuolia, Will Walker, Baptiste Mille-Mathias, Elijah Newren, Ed Catmur, and Thomas Andersen for fixes in this release.

- allow moving maximized windows between xineramas again (Stephane)[#338660]
- fix an uninitialized-usage bug with net_wm_user_time that breaks focus with new windows (Vytautus)
- re-fix accessibility events for the alt-tab popup (Will) [#350624]
- update the close pixmap to fit better with the other pixmaps of the menu (Baptiste) [#345498]
- fix several fullscreen handling bugs I introduced, causing fullscreen windows to not actually be shown fullscreen (Elijah) [#343115]
- fix keybindings with hex-values, coming from special extended keyboard keys (Ed) [#140448]
- fix metacity-dialog handling of arguments (Thomas) [#340690]

Vladimir Petkov (bg), Jordi Mallach (ca), Gabor Kelemen (hu), Mohammad DAMT (id), Wouter Bolsterlee (nl), Daniel Nylander (sv), Funda Wang (zh_CN)

Metacity 2.15.34

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