Marlin 0.7
Posted on: 09/13/2004 04:56 PM

Marlin 0.7 has been released

Description: Its a sample editor that edits samples. No Way!

Nu Stuff:
* The most important change is that when there's a progress window on screen, the icon for the main window becomes a progress indicator too. Its neato well wicked!
* Secondly errors are now handled much better than ever. Can still be improved, but they don't crash anymore, which is a bonus. When space runs out on the temporary directory, Marlin calculates how much space is needed and tell you. Isn't that nice?
* Thirdly, MARLIN_TMP_DIR envvar now exists to change the temporary directory away from /tmp.
* Forth, a very very minor thing really, feel embarrassed to even mention it, but undo/redo now exists and pretty much everything can be undone, from complex sample edits, to minor things like moving markers around. There is no limits enforced by Marlin on the number of things that can be undone. I've probably forgotten loads of things that should be undoable, so please tell me, and it can still be improved, like by being able to turn undo off for somethings and by displaying a progress dialog as well for long undo things.

Fixed stuff:
* Should crash even less than it did before.
* Record won't lock anymore I don't think. I've not been able to make it anyway and thats good enough for me.
* Oh yeah, playing a single channel sample will now work, I think it was busted in 0.6.


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