Manjaro Linux 17.0.3 released
Posted on: 09/03/2017 02:27 PM

Manjaro Linux 17.0.3 has been released

Manjaro Linux 17.0.3 released

Manjaro Gellivara was a great release! Now we are proud to announce v17.0.3, our final release of Gellivara. It took us a little over two months to finish this updated version. We improved our hardware detection, fixed some features in our installer (Calamares), added the latest packages available to our install media and polished our release as a whole. Everyone, who used older install media than v17.0.2 release, should read also this announcement about password weakness and follow its advice to secure your systems.

Also, Gellivara is the last edition of Manjaro Linux supporting 32bit Architecture. Read more about this decision here.

Features of this updated release Gellivara:

Latest LTS kernel from linux49 series
Latest Xorg-Stack from v1.19 series
Latest Plasma5, Apps and Framework and QT
Updates to our graphical package managers
Enhancements and Improvements to our Manjaro Tools & Profiles
MHWD adopted a more efficient way to handle libglx binaries
Updated and new designed themes and styles
Updates on Calamares (see changelog)
We hope you enjoy this release and let us know what you think of Gellivara.

kind regards, Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team

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