Mandriva Linux LE2005 CD/DVD ISOs ready for download
Posted on: 05/04/2005 09:02 AM

A press release from Mandriva:

our newly-released Mandriva Linux LE2005 is now available for download on a number of FTP mirrors worldwide. ISO images are available for burning CDs or a DVD for both i586 and PPC architectures.

ISO images for x86-64 will be released later today. Special ISO images for running the LE2005 on the XBOX are also provided.

FTP mirrors are available through:

More about the LE2005 is available at:

* Last minute update *

Monthly-subscriptions to the Mandriva Club are now possible for users who need all latest Mandriva commercial products as well as many other benefits! More information is available at:

Gaƫl Duval,
Co-Founder Mandriva (ex-Mandrakesoft).

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