Mandriva Linux Free 2007 FTP/HTTP Download
Posted on: 10/05/2006 12:13 PM

Mandriva Linux Free 2007 and MandrivaOne 2007 are now also available over FTP/HTTP

Designed for Linux power-users, it consists of 4 CDs packed with purely Free (as in free speech *AND* free beer) software. It is available in 2 versions (i586 and x86-64). If you want to trial the full power of our distribution, Mandriva Linux Free is for you.

Here the full mirror list:

Austria (Vienna) (Vienna)

Canada (Sherbrooke)

Czech Republic (Brno) (Brno) (Brno) (Prague)

Denmark (Danish only) (Danish only)

Finland (Espoo)

France (Lyon) (Nancy) (Paris) (Paris) (Paris) (Versailles) (Toulouse) (Lyon) (Paris)

Germany (Esslingen) (Muenster) (Bayreuth) (Dresden)

Greece (Athens)


Italy (Bologna)


Netherlands (Amsterdam) (Amsterdam) (Amsterdam) (Amsterdam)

Poland (Szczecin)

Romania (Iasi) (Iasi)


Switzerland (Zurich)

United Kingdom (Coventry) (Coventry)

United States (Georgia) (Florida) (Indiana) (Pennsylvania) (Missouri) (Georgia) (Pennsylvania) (Missouri)

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