Mandriva Linux 2007 first release candidate version "Mona"
Posted on: 09/10/2006 01:39 PM

The first release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2007 is available:

Linux 2007 Mona is the first release candidate for the Mandriva Linux 2007 release. You can see the technical details at DistroChangelog.


This release candidate is available via two means. Firstly via the public FTP and HTTP sites mirroring the Mandriva Linux repository. Check the current development mirrors at CookerMirrors, the 2007 Beta tree is in /devel/2007.0/. Second, the preferred way, via either the provided One CDs (installable live CDs), or the intallation DVD or the two set of three CDs installation CDs for i586 and x86_64. You will find the live CDs and the installation CDs and DVD in the same mirrors as the cooker one, in the /devel/iso/2007.0/ section.

Known issues

Anti-aliasing may not be correctly activated into KDE, you must use kcontrol to force it
Ia_Ora may not be selected by default under KDE, you must have the package ia_ora-kde and ia_ora-kde-kwin installed and activated in kcontrol-> Style
rpmdrake is not uninstalling packages correctly
bluetooth pairing does not work unless you install the bluez-gnome package and run 'bt-applet'
you must run the command 'hciconfig hci0 piscan' as root to make your bluetooth adapter discoverable by other devices
text install does not work

Main changes

WARNING: Some One CDs have non-free (proprietary) drivers included, if you do not want to use non free software, be careful to only use the ISO images with the 'free' keyword included in their name.

The non-free drivers included are intended for hardware which cannot work properly without proprietary drivers or firmware. These devices include (but are not limited to) video cards, network cards and modems. If you do not want to be obliged to use proprietary drivers to run your computer properly, you should be careful to choose hardware which is officially supported by free drivers.

Changes from 2007 beta 3

New Ia Ora Theme also available under KDE
New backgrounds integrated
The network module b44 should be fixed
The default web page for the web browser should display correctly
Proprietary drivers (especially nvidia) should be installed and activated correctly
Dozens of miscellaneous bugs fixed


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