Mandriva Linux 2006 Beta 3
Posted on: 08/24/2005 06:51 AM

Mandriva Linux 2006 Beta 3 has been released

New in this version:

o 250 bugs fixed since 2006-0.2
o 5621 packages rebuilt (811 ppc, 1681 x86_64, 614 noarch, 2506 i586)
* DrakX 1.1063 / Drakxtools 10.3-0.48mdk:
o Fix a bug for configuring Mouse
o Fix some modems firmwares loading
o Enhance grub parsing (17732)
o Client tree edit fix (17653), Write to floppy (17655)
o Printerdrake,
+ Removed stuff for automatic print queue setup when starting CUPS.
+ When printerdrake's first-time dialog appears on plugging a USB printer, the user can now also turn off print queue auto-setup before starting printerdrake and so without needing the printing infrastructure to be installed.
+ Added automatic setup of Ethernet-connected HP printers with HPLIP.
+ When one chooses "Printer Connection Type" in the "Edit" menu of an Ethernet-connected printer which is under the control of HPLIP or HPOJ, "LOCAL" was pre-selected as connection type and not "SOCKET". Fixed.
+ Made matching of detected printer model name with HPLIP database more reliable.
o Harddrake, use the new way to blacklist modules (12731)
o Packages installation, don't fork anymore to install rpms during install, use "nofsync" for rpm database (=> speedup x2)
* kernel 2.6.12-10mdk
o WARNING: Security Hyper-Threading enabled by default (at boot time use ht=off to disable)
o applied patch to cpufreq support centrino.
o ACL support to NFS
o XEN configs updated (enabled more options)
o only build xen on x86, will enable on x86_64 later
o Advertise the megaraid_mbox as megaraid_mbox (and not megaraid) in sysfs
o Ndiswrapper 1.2
o Updated ipw2100 to 1.1.2, ipw2200 to 1.0.6
o e100 and e1000 drivers update (e100 to 3.4.8-k2 and e1000 to 6.0.60-k2)
o Set the pwc driver to use non compressed mode by default.
o added XEN support
o resurrect legacy megaraid for { 0x9010, 0x9060, 0x1960 }
* GTK 2.8.0
* gaim 1.5.0
* sane 1.0.16
* epiphany 1.6.5
* kat 0.6.2
* amarok 1.3
* udev 068
* Now is included in the x86_64 ISO files
* DVD version have the Powerpack theme

Download for i586
Downlaod for x86_64

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