Mandriva Fork Announced by Former Employees
Posted on: 09/20/2010 08:48 AM

OS News posted a news story that former Mandriva employees announced a fork of Mandriva Linux named Mageia

Mandriva Fork Announced by Former Employees

It's been a troubling couple of weeks for Mandriva, but I decided not to report on it sine I found it hard to unravel the events leading up to all this. Now, though, the story has come to its (logical) conclusion: now that most of Mandriva's employees have been laid off, they came together and forked Mandriva. Enter Mageia.

At the danger of getting things wrong, here's a short recap of what's been going on. Edge-IT, a company acquired by Mandriva in 2004, liquidated not too long ago, and most of its employees have either been laid off or left on their own accord, meaning most people working on the distribution are now gone.

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