Mandrake Security Updates
Posted on: 02/19/2003 01:53 PM

MandrakeSoft has released two new security updates for Mandrake Linux

MDKSA-2003:018 : apcupsd

A remote root vulnerability in slave setups and some buffer overflows in the network information server code were discovered by the apcupsd developers. They have been fixed in the latest unstable version, 3.10.5 which contains additional enhancements like USB support, and the latest stable version, 3.8.6.

There are a few changes that need to be noted, such as the port has changed from port 7000 to post 3551 for NIS, and the new config only allows access from the localhost. Users may need to modify their configuration files appropriately, depending upon their configuration.

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MDKSA-2003:017 : pam

Andreas Beck discovered that the pam_xauth module would forward authorization information from the root account to unprivileged users. This can be exploited by a local attacker to gain access to the root user's X session. In order for it to be successfully exploited, the attacker would have to somehow get the root user to su to the account belonging to the attacker.

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