Mandrake Linux 9.2 for AMD64 RC1
Posted on: 11/06/2003 05:09 PM

MandrakeSoft S.A. has released the first release candidate of Mandrake Linux 9.2 for AMD64

Note: This release work only on AMD64 based computers


- Kernel updates: SATA Promise driver 0.83, enable IrDA ISDN support. PCMCIA can also work (verified on Mitac notebooks) but provided no USB device is attached and ACPI APIC support are enabled.
- Notable DrakX installer changes: fix SMP detection code, fix fallback to XFree86 'fbdev' driver if no card specific driver is available yet. The installer can now autoconfigure the monitor provided that valid EDID blocks can be obtained early at boot.
- Make /etc/pam.d/ config files biarch capable. i.e. provided 32-bit pam modules are available, it is now possible to run 32-bit applications that depend on them.
- Make sure Mozplugger actually works, verified support for Postscript, PDF, vdeo audio contents.
- New packages: Acon, Apache2 mod_php, Gaim, Hylafax, Mjpegtools, Nut, Ohphone, Qcad, Quadra, Skobo, SWI-Prolog, Xlockmore.
- Merge in 9.2 updates: DrakFirsttime, Fetchmail, GConf, GConf2, ORBit2, GDM, Gnome Applets, Gnome Pilot, Gnome PIM, Mailman.


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