Mandrake 10 - An outstanding effort
Posted on: 03/12/2004 04:38 AM

MadPenguin has posted a review on Mandrakelinux 10.0

Mandrake 10 Community was unleashed on the world last week, so we decided to get going with things and review this latest piece of work from MandrakeSoft. Their newest release (release notes), as far as we can tell, has been dubbed 'Community' as only MandrakeClub members are able to download it. Sometime in May of this year the official 10.0 release will be available for everyone else as retail packages and downloadable ISOs. What will be the differences between the two releases? Well, I can speculate and say “bug fixes”. I think the Community release is a way for MandrakeSoft to get the product out there for everyone to test and put through the paces. If any issues arise from it's usage, they will be rectified before the software goes officially RTM. It would make complete sense and rather smart on their part. Club members also benefit from being able to run the latest bleeding-edge Mandrake Linux software. Everyone wins.

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