Makulu Linux 6.0 KDE: Guaranteed to make you smile
Posted on: 06/24/2014 05:22 PM

ZDNet posted a review on Makulu Linux 6.0 KDE

Makulu Linux 6.0 KDE: Guaranteed to make you smile

As usual, the release announcement gives a good overview of the what and why in this release. The most important specifics are that it is built on Linux kernel 3.14.7 and KDE SC 4.13.1. The download images are available from the Makulu Linux KDE page, it is a 32-bit (i686) build that is approximately 1.7GB in size. It is a hybrid ISO, so you can burn it to disk or dump it with dd to a USB stick, and it does not support UEFI boot.

When you boot the Live system and then click the 'Install' icon you are offered a choice between the 'Classic' and 'New' installers. The dialogue says that the classic installer is more verbose (asks more questions), so it does more of the system setup and configuration during the installation, and runs in 10 to 15 minutes, while the new installer has very few questions, leaves more of the setup and configuration to be done after the installation is complete, and takes much longer - on the order of an hour or so.

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